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Durability & Warranty 

Our commitment to excellence shines through in the strength and quality of our products, ensuring your outdoor spaces are not just visually stunning but also enduring. Designed for resilience, ROMEX offers a range of high-quality materials that defy the test of time, providing a solid foundation that stands strong against heavy vehicle traffic and harsh weather conditions.
At ROMEX, we understand that a long-lasting surface is essential when investing in your outdoor environment. That’s why we offer flexible warranty options, allowing you to choose between 5 and 10-year options. Our 5-year unbonded option utilizes our award winning ISATec Earth Anchors that are strategically placed into the base material at designated intervals and prevent shifting whilst reducing paver displacement by up to 70%.  Our 10-year bonded option consists of our TRASS BED paver base used in conjunction with our Adhesion Elutriant, which is applied to the back of each paver and provides a secure bond between paver and bedding. Finally, our permeable jointing material is installed between the paver joints, resulting in our ROMEX System Guarantee (RSG).
With our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, ROMEX ensures that your investment is not just a purchase – it’s a guarantee. Say goodbye to cracks that plague traditional concrete surfaces, as ROMEX products remain intact and unaffected by the challenges of everyday use. Embrace the future of outdoor living with ROMEX, where each product is a testament to unmatched performance and enduring quality.


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